The RNMI is an organization of men and women interested in and supportive of all Branches of the Canadian Military.
Our members come from all walks of life, serving and retired military personnel of all ranks and civilians interested in military affairs past and present. Our current members include veterans from all three arms of the military, RCMP and local police forces. We are located in St. Catharines. We are allied with the Military Officers Association of America in Buffalo, New York.


Our Mission Statement

The Royal Niagara Military Institute is an independent organization whose members are drawn from current and retired members of the Canadian Armed Forces, other services and other interested persons who promote the study and discussion of military history, defence, security and international affairs for the benefit of its members and the interested public, through the provision of exceptional services within a unique collegial environment. The Institute also supports reserve units and cadets of all branches of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Where and when do we meet?

The RNMI meets regularly, every third Thursday of the month (except June, July, August & December) in the Officers’ Mess, St. Catharines Armoury, Lake Street and Welland Avenue.

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